Does a photographer reveal the secret of Het Melkmeisje in 'De Nieuwe Vermeer'?

The Milkmaid Project — January 24, 2023


Not the museum world, but the Amsterdam photographer Sander Veeneman made special discoveries about Johannes Vermeer's masterpiece The Milkmaid. He will reveal some of them on Sunday 12 February in the 1st episode of the new 6-part TV program De Nieuwe Vermeer (omroep MAX).  

Sander Veeneman:'Light on Milkmaid is not right'.

Sander Veeneman, together with his team, recreated the complete kitchen of the Milkmaid with dizzying precision, with original 17th-century details such as the famous jug and the Delft blue tiles. By accurately recreating the kitchen, the photographer discovered that, for example, the light on the original painting is 'not right'. Partly as a result of this, he developed a new theory about the perspective and composition of the painting.

Year of Vermeer

2023 is the year of Johannes Vermeer: the Rijksmuseum brings together 28 works by Vermeer in this context, Museum Prinsenhof organizes an exhibition and Omroep Max broadcasts the creative competition De Nieuwe Vermeer. 

Dionne Stax as The Milkmaid

In the first episode of De Nieuwe Vermeer, Sander Veeneman talks extensively about his discoveries and portrays presenter Dionne Stax as The Milkmaid. So watch! 
The Nieuwe Vermeer can be seen from Sunday 12 February at 8.25 pm at broadcaster MAX on NPO1.
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