About Us


The Milkmaid Project is founded by Sander Veeneman; a portrait photographer who might have been born in the wrong century. Even though he loves his camera with which he portrayed athletes and celebrities like Nelson Mandela for years, a few years ago he fell in love with the 17th Century. 

About Sander Veeneman

“I am a portrait photographer par excellence. It is the most beautiful profession on earth, I can shamelessly and limitlessly tell stories that I find important and interesting. For a long time I did this in contrasting and confrontational black and white. I like contact with people, looking for connections. Capturing their story in one look. My personal highlight was the meeting and photo shoot with my great hero Nelson Mandela.

In addition to my commercial assignments for well-known magazines and advertising agencies at home and abroad, I preferred to travel around the world with my camera to give poverty and injustice a name and a face. My frustration with this injustice led me to launch an international campaign in 2004, together with U2 and the United Nations, as a visual protest against inequality in the world. The '25,000 most influential people' on earth received an anonymous and confrontational photo book personally delivered to their doorstep from me. It was an encouragement to do more to combat poverty. It made a deep impression worldwide.

In addition to my photography, I also flirted with film. I have directed a number of TV documentaries and many short films and TV commercials. I also produced the Netherlands' largest 4-day film seminar for the film world about storytelling. Despite these inspiring excursions, my love for photography overcame it all. In 2019, after a kidney donation to my sick brother, I changed course.

During my months of rehabilitation, I walked through Amsterdam every day. It was a renewed introduction to my beloved city. I was captivated by the beauty of its tangible history. I started to delve into the masterful painting of Vermeer and Rembrandt. Together with my deep love for portrait photography, the idea for The Milkmaid Project arose. Now I can use all my own experiences and creativity to offer a journey through history. A journey of discovery that amazes, moves and entertains. This way I can share stories again and make unique memories.”